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This is my personal website. I will sometimes write something. If I want to share with the public, I might put it up here.

The git repository of my emacs configurations is here.

How I made this website from Emacs alone: see this article.

Latest updates

2022-12-30 Reversing orders does not change (non-zero) eigen-spaces
2022-08-30 Some of my thoughts on the Gemini protocol
2022-08-24 The second simple music converter / generator
2022-03-21 11號公車游深坑
2021-12-06 Finite unions of subspaces
2021-09-05 Tricks for Eshell
2021-09-05 My experience of vaccination
2021-08-21 rten-brel: An indexing program
2021-08-21 A simple music converter/generator
2020-08-21 換手機與電腦

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