My experience of vaccination


Recently I got vaccinated: around 2021-09-03 19:30. This post records the side-effects I experienced.

Nothing Stage

At first, nothing special happened: I did not experience any pain, either in the body or in the mind, nor did I find other side-effects. I thought once that I might not have any side-effects at all. This stage lasted til the 11:00 of the next Morning.

Vomitting Stage

Then I went to have brunch. During the brunch, I started to get a little dizzy. But it was still fine at this moment.

After the brunch, I started to have headache and to vomit. The headache was not too severe, but the vomitting was not so friendly. I kept vomitting even when I had nothing left to vomit.

So I just kept vomitting and sleeping, until about 16:00 in the afternoon. I could not stand this anymore, so I went out to buy some medecine to soothe the side effects a little.

I went to a pharmacy. I told the pharmacist there that I got vaccinated yesterday and had the side effects of headache and vomitting. Then the pharmacist gave a box of Acetaminophen, for reducing fever.

Though I did not have medecine to stop vomitting, I thought that having some fever reducer is fine enough, so I went back to the apartement and took the pill.

Several minutes after taking the pill, I felt like vomitting strongly. But if I vomitted immediately, then what is the point of having the pill? So I managed to not vomit for several minutes more. But when I vomitted, I still found the pill in a quite complete shape, so I guess that insisting is not of much use after all.

Afterwards, the vomitting got even more severe: I could not spit out anything more, but the stomach was still cramping and squiggling to try to get something out, and my mouth was full of a sense much like the sense that people had after drinking a cup of cola.

I could do nothing to stop this, so I just lied on the bed and vomitted for several more times, for the rest of the day.


Then I awoke on the bed, kind of shocked: "why does it look bright outside the window, and why am I not feeling like vomitting?" So I found that it was around 9:00 AM of 9/5 already. It seems that my side effects only lasted less than one day, fortunately.

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Author: JSDurand


Date: 2021-09-05 Dim 16:13:00 CST

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